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Stunning Plantation Shutters in Charlotte, NC


Custom interior shutters, motorized shutters, and exterior plantation shutters in Charlotte NC and more. Contact us today for a free quote! We are a locally owned company that has been operating since 1967.  Custom plantation shutters is our name of the game. We bring experience that makes our measurement, design, and installation process second to none. By bringing our showroom to you we offer the largest amounts of designs, and materials at your fingertips for you to sample. This helps our process, by making sure you get exactly what you want, and exactly what will bring your room together. Plantation shutters bring a certain craftsmanship to the home.  They can be affordable depending upon the materials you get, and they can also be customizable with our latest technology. Not all plantation shutter material is made the same, so make sure you get one that not only matches the rest of your room, but also matches your lifestyle. Our louver options include 1 7/8’, 2 ½”, 3 “ 3 ½” 4 ½” and 5 ½”. We can create your interior shutters for any size and match any room. We have been doing to for over 50 years. Call us Today!

Motorized Planation Shutters

Let The Blind Man Inc. show you what we can do with the operation of your shutters. Our motorized plantation shutters allow for easy operation on a mobile device. You can set the mood of any room by controlling the various open and closed positions. Voice agents are controlling whole homes these days and so if you are searching for an option that allows you to create different work environments, or different environments for different times of the day, we can make that happen with our custom motorized plantation shutters features. We not only come to you with our different design options, but once you have decided on the plantation shutters that will bring your office or home together, we schedule an installation time.  During that installation we will make sure that you know exactly how to work the technology and make sure you have our number if anything becomes faulty down the line.  We are here for you every step of the way, and look forward to designing, and the installation process. Having louver options that include all the different sizes, we make sure that whether you are looking to let more light in, less light, a certain craftsmanship style art just trying to make something fit, we can help.

Poly Shutters

Like our faux wood blinds, poly shutters guarantee that real wood look without the problems that wood causes, like cracking and chipping. The Blind Man Inc.'s poly shutters are so close to the real thing that they can come with distinct wood grain to give you that true wood feel. Come see for yourself! Visit one of our locations in Charlotte, Concord or Matthews, NC. Figuring out what type of material you are wanting, whether you are looking for real wood or a composite, really comes down to color. If you are looking for a stained color real wood is going to be your best option.  If you are looking for a more white and painted type of shutter, than a composite poly shutter is your best bet. Solid composite poly shutters are made from real wood, and composite material, which helps them last longer, and improves their durability. Poly resin shutters however are made from materials that include vinyl in them which leaves them to be hollow in nature.  Poly resin plantation shutters are a great shutter and are often the cheapest, yet most affordable option. They are great for both the budget and the look. At The Blind Man, Inc. we have such a great variety in stock of real wood, poly composite or poly resin plantation shutters and we look forward to showing you all of them.

Plantation Shutters

Colonial and plantation shutters are the best known and most elegant of window treatments. Choose wood for a traditional look or vinyl and composite to lower cost with higher resistance to moisture and damage. From customized luxury to charming simplicity, our Charlotte NC plantation shutters are a great choice. Check our sales/specials page to see when we're offering a plantation shutters discount! Plantation shutters can not only increase the value of your home, but they can also make the difference between a low offer to an above asking price offer when you go to sell your commercial building, or your residential home. They bring energy efficiency, have a classy look, and can be low-maintenance which will maintain the look for years to come.

Plantation Shutters - The Safe Option

This type of window treatment does not require a drawstring, therefore if you are soon-to-be parents, then you will know that your child will have a harder chance of becoming tangles within the cords. Plantation shutters can be installed in every room in the house, and they can definitely increase the value, match the kitchen cabinets, front door, etc. You will want to make sure that the humidity levels will be roughly the same and be consistent to preserve the material and durability of your plantation shutters.