Installing window blinds will entail some of your budgets since you will also consider many factors. From the styles to the brands, all of these external factors will be subject to discussion. This content will help you find the best and most affordable window blinds for your home. Our expert team at The Blind Man company will assist you in choosing the perfect window blinds that will match your style. 


Why are window blinds a more brilliant choice than curtains?

What furniture or installations will be appropriate for your home? Window Blinds and Curtains differ only in material, texture, color, components, and installation process. 

With the rise of modern aesthetic interior design, window blinds are becoming quite popular and in demand. The aesthetic appearance and style of these blinds match any theme or concept of the interior, whether it is a modern-classical, industrial, contemporary, or nordic style of the house. So the question here is, “why window blinds is a more brilliant choice than curtains?”.

  • Visual Appeal – speaking of functionality, window blinds talk about practicality and practicability. Curtains have color and texture variations, but window blinds offer orderliness and neatness in a room. Unlike curtains, window blinds create a sleek look and neat finish that can make the space more charming and organized. Hence, this is the perfect setup for modern houses and units. 
  • Variations – when it comes to variety, window blinds have multiple options you can choose from. The type of window blind variation you choose still depends on your style. Some of the popular window blinds come from various vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, roman blinds, and pleated and mini window blinds. 


These blinds can be designed to a single functioning shade controlled using a remote device and a double-functioning shade typically held using strings or a tilt wand. There is also a smart-shade option that automatically closes or opens. 

  • Installations – window blinds are much easier to install compared to curtains. It would take 10 to 20 minutes to finish the installation. But curtains might end up for about an hour or more. In addition, installing window blinds is easy to execute since you can put the mounting rail to the brackets and secure the rail with a casing. 
  • Lighting – in terms of lighting, window blinds have the upper control over the amount of light being transmitted into the room. In comparison, curtains don’t have this kind of functionality. With window blinds, you can adjust the lighting by setting up the blinds in a position that allows a specific amount of transmitted light. Double shaded functionality window blinds are an excellent example since the off, and the shady part of the window blinds is designed for lighting control. You can adjust your blinds to show the shadowy parts if you don’t want them to be bright inside. 


How much does a window blind cost?

Generally, the cost of window blinds will still depend on the size of the entire blinds, the number of blinds you want to install per window, variation, and labor. Of course, a smart shaded window blind is much more expensive than a single shaded window blind. The main point is before you can choose what blinds you will be installing, make sure that you know the coverage costs with your budget. 

Here’s a summary of the possible costs of window blind installations. 

  • Initially, you have to consider the materials used when discussing window blind costs. This is by far the expensive part of the process. For example, aluminum blinds are cheaper than wooden material blinds. Moreover, motorized blinds are put at a premium cost with a price range of about $30 to $80. 
  • Labor is not a big deal. Usually, a handyperson can charge a fee of about $10 to $20 per window installation. But, you can still try to check other service packages from a certified company, and you might get some discounts. 
  • The variation of the blinds is also one factor that affects the cost of the window blind installation. 
  • The cost of a variety of blinds, labor cost, and installation fee ranges from $114 to $1,880 total cost. 

Does Buying Window Blind Worth Your Money?

Window blinds are charming decorations that can make your home much more inviting, appealing, and neat-looking. But, like any other home furniture and appliance, window blind also has their benefits. Take time to read the following content as you learn how beneficial window blinds can be. 

Increases Home Value – high-quality window blinds can increase your home’s value since it adds to the overall aesthetics and Appeal of the interiors. If you decide to sell your house in the future, this can be additional earnings on your amenities. Not to mention that a well-installed window blind creates an expensive and luxurious atmosphere. 

Easy Installation Process – another good thing about window blinds is the easy installation process. If you are following the do-it-yourself method of installing the blinds per window, don’t worry because the process is much simpler than curtain installation. There is also a team of experts who can help with the installations, especially if you have multiple windows which need blinds to be installed. 

Energy Efficient Solution – window blinds can even be customized into an energy-efficient design by making the gaps of the shades close to each other, so there will be minimal heat and light going inside the room. This can provide a great solution to minimize the energy being lost inside. With lesser energy lost, lower energy bills can be expected as well. That is why window blinds are popular in places with an extreme climate, like residents located in a cold area or those residing in a hot environment, since this is where air conditioning units and heating units are mainly used. 

Convenience and Comfort – some preferred a dimmer room that they could rest in, especially for those with light sensitivity. Window blinds can serve these needs and adjust to the homeowner’s preference. Whether you like a brighter or dimmer room, window blinds are the perfect decorations to achieve comfort and convenience. 

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